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Rational object-oriented newsgroup OTUG, and product support forums, can be selected at
I wish someone would come up with some decent tools and kick this company's butt. Never have I dealt with a bigger bunch of arrogant worms. They simply don't give a shit about small development companies. I've dealt for years with this company, its software sales force, and its consultants, in Europe, Canada, and the US. I've seen it all over, and the Rational Software Corporation really stinks. Don't get me started. -- Steven Black.
Visio Enterprise is becoming a real competitor to Rational Software. They've done a good job with their UML implementation, the data modeling diagrams support most major RDBMS's. It's much cheaper, plus the folks at Visio are not worms! -- ?jMM

The problem with Visio is their confusing product line. To get most of the stencils I needed I had to buy both VisioProfessional and VisioTechnical, and still their software stencils are woefully incomplete (at least they are in Version 5.0a). Moreover their OO modeling stuff is in Visio Enterprise whose upgrade price from VisioProfessional and VisioTechnical is way, way out there, several hundred dollars. If this was a reasonable, market-penetrating upgrade (so others would be there too) I'd drop Rational Rose in a New York minute just to get away from the arrogance and big-customer bias of Rational Software.

Another thing Visio has not done is encourage a third-party stencil exchange. There must be hundreds of great templates out there, but there is no place (that I know of) to post them, share them, and discuss them. It's like imagine FoxPro without CompuServe. Much slower going for all, and we would never have built the community we have today.-- Steven Black
Sounds like someone should sell them a Wiki application server. I wonder where they could find someone to do that? :) -- Randy P
It seems to me that the only real option is Visio Enterprise since VisioTechical contains the templates but not support for the UML language.

I hope that Visio will bring back the ability to purchase Visio Enterprise in components. This seemed like an excellent way to get it into the hands of developers.

One thing I do know is that Visio believes that small development shops are an important market to reach. They're thinking VB right now, but we know that VB developers aren't even sure they need tools like these. I'm trying to convince them that the VFP market would be receptive to Visio Enterprise right now.

To be fair, Visio does have support forums and downloads of third party templates and other files on thier web site (both are available at and Visio does have developer program for people using visio as part of a development effort. Sometimes this information can be hard to find, but its there.

-- jMM
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