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Rational Unified Process And Extreme Programming

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Compare and contrast RUP and Extreme Programming.
Note: Some of the material below was culled from the Oct 1999 OTUG archives.-- Steven Black
For starters, the Rational Unified Process is a ProcessFramework, whereas Extreme Programming is a Process.

Looking at RUP and Extreme Programming...
  • both proscribe iterative development
  • RUPs InceptionPhase = User Stories in XP
  • XP's User Stories map to RUP Use Cases
  • RUP's ElaborationPhase is XP's PlanningGame (prioritisation of use cases/user stories and design the architecture/architectural spike).
  • both RUP and XP address and prioritize risk.
  • both RUP and XP recognize that ongoing change is part of the process.
  • XP has some specific coding practices, but such things are (for now) outside of the scope of RUP, though RUP does provide some sample standards and guidelines.
  • RUP describes a core process with lots of options. XP follows most of the the core process and omits most of the options.
    Viewed slightly differently:
    RUP PhaseXP Notion
  • User Stories
  • Metaphor
  • initial spike.
  • Elaboration
  • More User Stories.
  • Establishing the metaphor, or other architecture.
  • Some spikes, some production code.
  • Calibration of estimation (Load Factor / Velocity)
  • Construction
  • More User Stories
  • Adding iterations onto the existing code, fleshing out the architecture.
  • Refinement of process
  • Refinement of estimation.
  • First delivery to production, at a very early development phase. (If possible)
  • Transition
  • Continued iterations, adding more and more features to production system.
  • If necessary, old system runs in parallel with new system while new system takes over more and more duties.
  • Performance Tuning.

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