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Rational Unified Process

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The latest methodology from Rational Software. RUP is essentially a refinement of Object Ory, its predecessor.

Actually, RUP is a methodology framework or a process as opposed to being a methology. RUP is an abstract process framework, it can be tailored to different project needs and development styles.

For example, the Extreme Programming methodology fits in quite well within RUP. See Rational Unified Process And Extreme Programming
The Current Version of RUP is RUP 2000.
Actually, it's RUP 2001 (Nov 20 2000)
RUP is often criticized for being too big and too prescriptive for most projects. It is certainly big. A good operating rule with RUP is cut, cut, cut until you are left with a framework that fits your development risk profile.
As mentioned above, RUP is massively comprehensive. The rub with RUP is it must be understood, and then cut down to a manageable size and scope. This overhead should not be underestimated. Moreover it's risky because a sophisticated process (tailoring) precedes an unsophisticated process (following the tailored RUP).
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