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Ray Kirk

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Ray Kirk has been programming since 1968. xBase since 1984. Beta for FoxBase MultiNet (dBase II clone), thru VFP9. Beta team leader (contractor) for dBase IV 1.1 (the good one). Wrote the "Shoot out" benchmark for Ashton-Tate that beat FoxPro in the National Software Testing Labs TPC benchmark comparison as reported in DataBased Advisor. No mean feat. Worked with Drew Speedie in the enhancement of client-server functionality in Visual Maxframe Professional 4.0. Beta for Quicksilver, dBXL/Arago, Clipper, dbMAN and other long dead but not forgotten variants. Experienced with Visual Max Frame Professional, client-server, OOP, performance optimizations, test harness creation. Guest exhibitor in SBT, Lake Ave. Software, Ashton-Tate, Borland Comdex booths. Wrote numerous articles for various xBase related journals over the years. Founding president of the San Fernando Valley IBM PC user's group in 1983. Consultant to various clients large and small including Litton Data Systems, TransAmerica, MGM, Universal Studios, Disney, Kern County DA, New Line Cinema, Lion's Gate Studios, Jaguar Software, Lake Avenue Software, SBT, Ashton-Tate, Coldwell Banker, Vons' Markets, Deloitte-Touche, PsycheMedics, Miss Grace Lemon Cakes, California Mart, Purex Corp, Countrywide Home Loans, Los Angeles Community College District and many others.
Can be reached at
Ray retired in January 2010 and is enjoying his dotage. He could be persuaded to come out of hibernation if the opportunity is attractive enough.
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