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Rdbms Agnostic

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Means: "Don't Know, Don't Care what RDBMS is behind my application."

How does one write code so that any RDBMS can be used as a data store?

I posed this question on a couple VFP forums, and am attempting to assemble the results here
(any additions are welcome)

Things to consier when designing your SqlExec wrapper:
See also Tightline Data Classes, which I have been using for years and does exactly this, only brilliantly. This will take care of your SQL statements. Other than this, you'll need to eschew back-end stored procedures as much as you can, and you're good to go.-- Steven Black
The page Tightline Data Classes seems to indicate that it describes a commercial version of these classes, while a public domain version is also available, yet I only see references to the public domain classes on their website.... Is there a commercial version available too, or is it the PD version that you're referring to? - ?wgcs
As far as I know there is no commercial version, it's all PD.-- Steven Black
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