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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
2004/01/28 Steven Blake - Within the Class Browser, after you load a library, you may redefine the Parent Class property by right clicking the name of the intended class. This comes in handy if you want to subclass an object or assign a class back to its baseclass.
A Combo Box control in the Re Define Module is preloaded with candidate classes from the current library. You may also add other classes as additonal items on the Combo Box dropdown list with the GETFILE() button. However, if you utilitze UNC pathing, selecting a class and clicking the redefine button will generate an error that the library file for the selected class is not found.
This has been a bug in the Re Define Module since version 6 and it lies within an inherent quirk for the Combo Box control. UNC pathing starts with a double backslash. If you look at the UNC class paths in the Re Define Module Combo Box control, they start with only a single backslash. A single or double backslash in a string entered into a Combo Box is converted to a single backslash. You must write either three or four backslashes in a pathing string for the Combo Box to interpret a double backslash.
The workaround is to select objects via drive letter pathing and since this bug has survived so long, that's how most users must operate.
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