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Frequently Asked Questions about ReFox

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Q: Where can I buy refox in Hong Kong?
A: You can buy ReFox worldwide - via Pay Pal or via Share It, see

Q: version for Windows 10 ?
A: ReFox XII

Q: User32.dll relocation error appears when running ReFox demo
A: this is due to conflict of KB925902 and KB928843 security updates,
you have to install hotfix KB935448 from Microsoft download center.

Q: after recovering methods I can see the correct code in the METHODS field, but VFP shows a mess only ...
A: you have to use COMPILE CLASSLIB( or FORM) command before opening the .VCX or .SCX in VFP

Q: is there a trial version of ReFox (with full functionality)
A: with the new demo the branding level III can be used for trial time limited purpose

Q: How to call compressed application from within another one?
Since the ReFox XI release 2005.12.01:
if the first running application (starter) is compressed, then other protected application can be called by issuing the DO command or by instantiating a class

Q: Does protection level III support COM Server(dll)?
A: Yes, since the ReFox XI release 2005.12.01, you can use level III for COM Server(dll)

Q: What's the different between JCAL compression and ZLIB compression?
ZLIB 1.2.2, Copyright ?1995 - 2003 by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler

JCALG1 r5.34, Copyright ?1999 - 2002 by Jeremy Collake

difference from the point of view of ReFox user: ZLIB works faster, JCAL gives better
compression (a little)

Q: Does protection level III support COM Server(exe)?
A: Yes, you can use level III for COM Server(exe) and level II+ for COM Server(dll)

Q: I am getting an error message "This beta version of VFP has expired"
when trying to run Level III protected VFP6 executable

A: This problem can appear on the original VFP6 only.
If you insist on using VFP6, please apply any service pack. The latest one for VFP6 was SP5.

Q: How can I test that ReFox will really recover my lost source code

A: using the demo:
  • if demo shows snippets of code (several lines of each procedure), it is sure for 100% the code can be recovered
  • if demo shows hexadecimal code only, the code is either protected or it is not FoxPro code and ReFox cannot help you.

    Q: is there a trial version of ReFox (with full functionality)

    A: no, isn't, the reason is simple ...

    Apparently, it's so simple it escapes some readers. Care to expand a little?

    Um, because then there would be no reason to buy it?

    So it's somehow different from all the other applications out there that have fully-functional, time-limited trials then? -- Alan Bourke
    A: with the new demo the branding level III is fully-functional and can be used for trial time limited purpose -- Jan Brebera

    Q: I always split my applications into 1 EXE file plus a number of APP files. Is ReFox able to compress and brand (encrypt) external APP files from decompilation?

    A: yes, ReFox XII can compress external APP/FXP too.

    Q: Can I call compressed EXE by issuing the DO command?

    Yes - if called from within another compressed executable (see answer above)
    NO - if called from within VFP IDE or from another not protected application
    Running compressed EXE needs the EXE-stub to be activated which starts the decompressor, while the DO skips the stub and runs the code immediately. Other levels of protection can be used with DO, if the external FXP, APP or EXE were protected with the same password as the main program.

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