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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
XML Element Declaration Symbols
Symbol Purpose Example Meaning
Parentheses Encloses a sequence, a group of elements, or a set of alternatives (content1, content2) Element must contain the sequence content1 and content2.
Comma Separates items in a sequence and identifies the order in which they must appear (content1, content2, content3) Element must contain content1, content2, and content3 in the specified order.
Pipe Separates items in a group of alternatives (content1| content2| content3) Element must contain either content1, content2,or content3.
Question mark Indicates that an item must appear one time or not at all content1? Element might contain content1. If content1does appear, it must appear only once.
Asterisk Indicates that the item can appear as many times as the author wants content1* Element can contain content1. If it appears, it can appear once or more.
Plus sign Indicates that an item must appear once or more content1+ Element must contain content1 at least once, but it can appear more than once.
No symbol Indicates that exactly one item must appear content1 Element must contain content1.

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