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Namespace: VFP
XML Format for publishing news in a format that can be read by News Aggregators. Two major flavors: RDF aka RSS 1.0 and RSS 2.0. Up-and-coming new standard "Atom" bears watching. Sample follows:
«?xml version="1.0" ? »
«!--  RSS generated by [[Visual FoxPro]] 07.00.0000.9465 for Windows on Tues 4 Mar 2003 16:33:07 EST-- »
«rss version="2.0" »
«channel »
  «title »FoxCentral.Net«/title »
  «link »http://«/link »
  «description »Community News about Visual FoxPro«/description »
  «language »en-us«/language »
  «copyright »Copyright 2002 by the authors.«/copyright »
  «lastBuildDate »Tue, 4 Mar 2003 16:33:07 EST«/lastBuildDate »
  «docs »http://«/docs »
  «generator »Visual FoxPro 07.00.0000.9465 for Windows«/generator »
  «ttl »40«/ttl »
	«item »
		«title »Pre-order Visual FoxPro 8.0 and help the FoxPro community«/title »
		«description »FoxToolbox.Com is currently taking pre-orders for Visual FoxPro 8.0 Professional.
Besides offering the lowest advertised price, FoxToolbox.Com donates 3% of sales to FoxPro User Groups
for local marketing programs. The Upgrade version is $299.00 and the full version is $562.47. Pre-ordering
now could help lower pricing even further.«/description »
		«link »http://«/link »
		«pubDate »Tue, 04 Mar 2003 15:17:34 EST«/pubDate »
	«/item »

«/channel »
«/rss »

Problems noted:

1. Elements are case-sensitive and only one (pubDate) using anything other than all lowercase, resulting in kludgy STRTRAN() of final XML generated from XML to Cursor().

2. GIGO: Source site accepted poorly formed HTML (such as open- and close-quote characters CHR(147) and CHR(148). Solution: Another kludgy STRTRAN() to ? and ?

3. Native VFP XML to Cursor() conversion of date times was not accepted by validator ( and needed to be converted with an XML Date Time() UDF.

-- Ted Roche

They finally standardized a common button:
-- Rox
Some Other RSS Validators ( seems belly up as of June2005?)

And handy editor if your not up to snuff on all the available elements in rss091 after some service collector gripes they dont do rss20 :(

-- Roxanne Seibert
RSS can be more than sticking an XML file on your site. You'll want to promote your site to the larger aggregation sites and 'ping' the aggregators to flag your site's ripe for indexeng. Good background article: /04/28/index4a.html -- tr
Craig SBoyd wrote a nice example of a VFP parser from RSS 2.0 to DBFs.
-- Alex Feldstein
See Also Rss Feed Watch

Collaborators: Ted Roche Alex Feldstein Sergey Berezniker

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