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Twitter enables developers to say really dumb things

"Sooo many responses could be made to these twitters....sooo little space to write them all in..."

June 21, 2012 - The above twitter people are OBVIOUSLY NOT FoxPro programmers with real-world work experience.
Oh and by the way, BigJim (Fox->Access->Excel->Oracle) His post makes me wonder if he even IS a programmer. He's definitely NOT a Fox person. After reading his post a few times I gather that he is an Access guy.

Hmmm.... Being an Access guy says it all really! - Dave Crozier

Two cute stories - when I was working for a large governmental type agency we had one GURU VB programmer and a GURU FoxPro programmer (not me - although I was a Fox guy for the prior 6 years). The network guys wanted an application that could be deployed to a common network location and hit by several thousand network users. It was to gather data and a bunch of other stuff. They asked the VFP GURU and the VB GURU to develop their own app to see who could get a completely successful app done first.

Everyone KNEW the Visual Basic person was going to blow the Fox guy out of the water in speed of development, robustness of the application's interface and data collection and reporting.

The other cute story - The same VFP GURU at the same location was asked to rewrite an Access application because it was falling apart and desparately needed to be updated and rewritten to make it "worlds better". He and I were talking and I said that it stunk that he'd have to be doing Access work. He said he was going to talk to them and sell them on doing the project in VFP instead. He he was not successful in convincing them and one day I saw him working on an almost finished rewrite of the application and I said...

"Ewwwww you ended up having to do it in Access? They didn't buy your VFP arguments?"

He goes, "SHHHHHHHH!!! It's Visual FoxPro!! It just LOOKS like Access - here let me show you." ...

and he went into VFP and opened it all up and showed me the interface and dang if it wasn't actually VFP! Smokin baby!

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