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Reg Svr 32

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Before a control can be used, appropriate entries must be created for it in the Windows registration database. Some ActiveX control containers provide a menu item for users to register new controls, but this feature may not be available in all containers. Therefore, you may want your setup program to register the controls when they are installed.

Most installers, including VFP's Setup Wizard allow you to specify the ActiveX Controls (OCX) that you want to include in your installation. They are not included in your EXE but distributed along with it, and they are generally compressed within the whole installation package, in the form of CAB files or other compression system.

At the client, the installation program will register these ActiveX for you.

You can also register them manually with Reg Svr 32.exe
RegSvr32 MyControl.ocx
RegSvr32 MyLibrary.dll

To Unregister:
[path]\MyLibrary.Dll /UnRegServer

See the topic Com Reg Unreg for VFP code to register OCX files without using Reg Svr 32.exe at all.
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