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Removing Old VFP Runtimes When Upgrading

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Hi friends, I dont know whether i can post this question here.

Yes, of course you can post questions here. That's how some of our best topics get started-- Steven Black

We'd been using vfp6 for our application.we have huge client base.recently we moved on to vfp8 and using installshield3.5 sp4

My question is: Recently we did new build in vfp8 and created setup with installshield. Is there a way to configure installshield to uninstall our previous application installation (this installation done using vfp6 setup which is removed now in vfp8) and install our latest application? I know how to configure installshield so that it replaces previous installation if prev installation done by installshield but I don't know if the previous installation was done with FoxProSetup. Thanks for your great ideas. -- Rajani

You can make a startup program for the first launch of the application. If you use a CONFIG.FPW file in your home directory of your application, you can put a line _STARTUP = "path_to_my_one_time_runfile". After it completes it's first launch you can remove the startup section by doing
mvar=strtran(mvar,'_STARTUP = "','*_STARTUP = "')

and that's it. There are many ways that you can run something on the first launch. Like a table that contains a toggle to let your program know that the first launch process has been done and etc.


Hi Tim
Thanks for the reply.we've solved this issue by using Innosetup.It's much simpler.

Please don't uninstall the VFP6 runtimes unless you know for sure your clients will never use any software except yours. We also have a huge client base and still use VFP6. If someone installs your new program after installing ours, it will obviously cripple ours.

Leaving old runtimes alone should be accepted as a "best practice" since vfp's runtimes dll's dont conflict with eachother between versions (except pairs like vfp8/vfp8sp1, vfp9/vfp9sp1 .. i lost a couple of hours some time ago until i figured out what was the problem) - edyshor
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