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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Report Depot v. 09.00.00 released.

A Data Import module has been added in Report Depot. The all-in-one Data Import module provides the simplest method of copying data between supported data sources and destinations. You can use the Data Import module to move data into or conditionally update data in MS SQL table \ Visual FoxPro table from other file formats, such as plain text, Microsoft Excel, and other files.
Report Depot v. 08.00.00 released.

A TextSearch module has been introduced in new version of Report Depot. The all-in-one TextSearch module will allow you to quickly find files with the words/phrases you need, no matter what kind of file its in, save and preview your results in context. A word search operation can be case-sensitive or case-insensitive, also you can specify whether your search must match entire words exactly. Fuzzy word search option is available as well, so you can find a word even if it is misspelled. You allowed to have more than one expression in a search request and connect them with AND / OR connectors.
Report Depot v. 07.00.00 released.

In Report Depot you could always share your report \ query \ EDI with other users. But, since v.07.00.00 you can decide what youd like to share with other users. If you need to hide some reports from certain users, you can limit access to specific options using Share settings. New output option has been added. Now all reports can be saved in internal Report Depot file format RDX file. RDX file can be viewed at any time, edited, and saved into the other available output formats. Even more, you can add to the file your own comment Sticky Note. A Sticky Note has a note icon that appears on the page and a pop-up note for your text message. You can add a Sticky Note anywhere on the page or in the file area. Other users can view Sticky Note messages and add their own messages as well.
Report Depot v. 06.01.00 released.

New output options has been added. This option will allow you to upload reports, queries and EDI files to FTP Server. Once the reports, queries or EDI files are uploaded to the FTP server, they will be published on your website. Everyone will be able to see them by accessing their personal section in the website. To upload reports, queries or EDI files to your website (FTP server) all you need to do is create an FTP profile. It's as easy as adding a contact to your Address Book. Once that is done, you can upload the report, query and EDI file to your website automatically every time you or scheduled task generate it. It's as easy as sending the report, queries or EDI files via email or saving it to a local folder.
Report Depot v. 05.00.00 alpha released.

Many new changes have been made in this new version of Report Depot. It’s pretty smooth and also the user interface has been changed considerably.
Here are some of the notable changes in this version:

New Data Dictionary manager has been added
Query Manager is completely redesigned
Major changes in Report designer manager
New Task Scheduler module has been added
Report Depot v. 03.00.00

Many applications that use menu, dialogs and forms would be more effective if they will allow a user to customize their screen GUI layout.
Report Depot allows a user to customize the GUI layout. A user can change size and position of any control on dialog boxes, forms or property pages, change captions of the controls using any language, change styles of the controls, hide controls on dialog boxes, forms and pages.
The customizing possibility is available through simple CTRL+SHIFT+RIGHT mouse button click anywhere within the dialog box or form. Report Depot Object properties dialog box is opened. The user edits the properties and saves the changes.
All Custom Layout details are stored in SYSTEMDEPOT file using specially designed syntax for GUI layout. The number of Custom layouts are not limited, and every Custom Layout can be assigned to different users of the Report Depot. The Original Report Depot layout is retained as a reserve, and when SYSTEMDEPOT file cannot be found or contain erroneous data, the Report Depot's menu, dialog boxes and forms are built using the Original Layout. This will ensure the system reliability: even if loading Custom Layout fails, a dialog box may be shown as defined in the Original Layout without the user's customization.
Spanish Custom Layout is preinstalled.
Report Depot v. 02.01.00

"Print when" options support has been added. This allows you to set options that suppress the rendering of output from report items under various conditions.
"Protection" options support has been added. This allows you to set restrictions on selected actions for a report item in the Report Designer, preventing the user from changing the report item when modifying the report.
Multiband support has been added. Title, Page Header, Detail, Summary, Page Footer bands now are available in Advanced Report Designer mode. This allows you to easily create complex banded reports.
The version 01.01.00 of Report Depot has been released!
The production version 01.00.00 of Report Depot has been released!
Would you like to apply rich text effects in your reports? No problem. Report Depot now have
the ability to add formatting effects to individual words within reports and have them rendered
into supported output formats such as PDF, HTML, Image, Word, Excel and RTF.

Report Depot is a powerful and easy-to-use end-user report manager and writer. Report Depot has a simple interface which allows your users to create many types of report without technical skill. Stop design & support reports yourself - let the users create & manage reports they want!

Report Depot does not require installation - simply unzip zip file and run Report Depot.EXE
To uninstall Report Depot - simply delete folder containing Report Depot files

User name: Master
Password : Master

(User name & Password case sensitive)

Download the file:
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