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Reporting AC0000005 to Microsoft

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I am new to this so please be gentle.

I am experiencing a c0000005 error running a FoxPro exe.
It also happens if I run from the source code.

I have read all the c0000005 error related issues and none seem to relate to my situation.

So finally I used the "send error to Microsoft" feature.
This was great but how will I become aware of the solution the might come up with.
It did not ask me to supply any contact information, nor did it give me an error id to track through their web site.

My question is. Having sent Microsoft the information, what do I do next.


No I meant will they contact me (ha ha ha ha) or do I search the depths of Microsoft for my problem

MS tracks all the information in a database. Contacting Microsoft will not help and you probably will not be contacted by MS. You should send the report every time it happens. At some point, a service pack, hot fix, or new version should address the problem.

Right, no word is ever heard. This is no different than the standard error reporting facilities that MS have for regular users but it is more palatable because at least one doesn't have to do lots of work to prepare the information (and suffer great frustration when the thing fails to take your report time and again).
I read some time back that these error reports have supplied great enlightenment to MS staff and that they found some few errors accounting for a great majority of the reports.
It's a bit like picking up and binning a gum wrapper off the ground. It's a feel-good exercise, it does a small measure of good, there is no forthcoming reward or feedback, and if enough people did this often enough then at best (and at worse) there might eventually be a noticeable difference in the number of unbinned gum wrappers on the ground. It's worth doing. -- Steven Black

Thanks for those kind words of wisdom.
My problem is that this application is business critical so I will have to find a work around.
My current plan is to deploy onto a different OS (Win98, XP or another NT server) and see if it runs on that.
Then I just need to replicate the data

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