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Requirements Problems

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A place to list and discuss the problems associated with collecting requirements.
The most important thing is to get requirements in writing. Many times teams get stuck writing and rewriting and rewriting the requirements. Changing them from one form to another to another. Get the requirements written. Don't waste time arguing form over substance. Just write them in a manner that is reasonably unambiguous and accessible to all the stakeholders. Above all, don't believe for a second that the form of the requirements will have an effect on the structure of the software. It definitely shouldn't. If it does there is something wrong with the process. Andre Payette.
What about detecting conflicts in sets of requirements? There have been developments in the telecomms industry about conflicting features. I was hoping somebody might be able to explain the idea. -- Dafydd Rees

Check out Requisite Pro, which is a great way to manage requirements and, since requirements are both text and table based, conflicts are much easier to catch than otherwise.-- Steven Black

Requirements engineering is a complicated subject. (Hardly surprising: it involves a mix of human factors and technical problems). I found the following book enlightening:

Ian Graham & Len Graham, Requirements Engineering and Rapid Development : An Object - Oriented Approach,Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN 0201360470

-- Dafydd Rees
I am wondering if anyone is using any requirements management products such as DOORS or Caliber RM? Is the Requisite Pro mentioned above strictly done through Use Cases or can you enter requirements other ways?- PNowak
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