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Are help files also locilized for those languages? Where can I find them?

The Microsoft Resource Localization Toolkit allows the localization of the Visual FoxPro user interface for developers by creating a VFP.DLL. This DLL is automatically loaded by Visual FoxPro depending on the language settings of your operating system. Currently Portal Fox / Pablo Roca and DFPUG / Rainer Becker are the sole subcontractors for the toolkit and provide localized user interfaces for Visual FoxPro for Spanish, German, French (in cooperation with AtoutFox) and Czech (in cooperation with Igor Vit) with the help of the local communities. The toolkit was made available by Ken Levy.

Free localized user interface for Visual FoxPro 8.0 as well as Visual FoxPro 9.0 for German, French and Czech can be found at Deutschsprachige Foxpro User Group Portal at the directory as well as at the French an Czech websites.

The Spanish VFP 9.0 IDE DLL can be downloaded for free from Portalfox:
To run VFP with other language interfaces (IDE) use the following syntax:
C:\path\VFP9.exe -Lvfp9esn.dll
Do not leave spaces between -L and the dll name you want (vfp9deu for German, vfp9enu for English, etc.)
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