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Rich And Poor

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

Compare to Thick And Thin:
When a software company is trying to convince a customer of the advantages of a web-based client, they talk about the ease of supporting "Thin" clients on the desktop - zero deployment, ignoring the HTMLHell of non-standard-following browsers and the mish-mash of CSS, Java Script and embedded object (ActiveX or Java) technologies, the ease of centralized upgrades, the simplicity of remote access and the power of the mainframe model.

When a software client is trying to sell a customer a PC-based client (.NET Win Forms or VFP), they talk about the rich GUI advantages of snappy response time, local data stores, lower bandwidth requirements, and a richer "user experience."

Aren't both of these things true?

And isn't it true that they do not have to be mutually exclusive?

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