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Rich Text Box

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
The RTF Control

You can use the Rich Text Box control to enter and edit text. This control provides more advanced formatting features than does the conventional Text Box control. In addition, the Rich Text Box control has a number of properties you can use to apply formatting to any portion of text within the control. Using these properties, you can make text bold or italic (or both), change its color, and create superscripts and subscripts. You can also adjust paragraph formatting by setting left and right indents and hanging indents.

To change the formatting of text, you must first select the text you want to make these changes to, because you can assign character and paragraph formatting only to text that's selected.

Possible Uses Features Source: MSDN Library.

There's a problem when the .text property is changed - the .Rtf Text loses formatting. This makes spellchecking extremely difficult to apply to RTF text, unless we use Word automation. Does anyone have a good solution for this? -- Dragan Nedeljkovich
A client of mine, Phil Hawkins, wrote a good article on this subject: See Copying and spell-checking RTF data via the clipboard. Mike Lewis

Rich Text Format (RTF) Specification, version 1.6
There are problems in the current security-aware environment.;en-us;838010

I wish I could find a VFP 9 dropable forms compatible Rich Text Box control based on .NET 3.0 or 3.5. Craig Roberts
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