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Robert Abitbol

I am coming from Google. I see this page with my name. So there we are!

I wonder who put my name here and who started this page. A beautiful girl I hope? :-)

Google ads

Putting Google ads is an excellent idea! It's always fun to watch what ads are generated from our text! Google always comes up with interesting stuff...

On this site I see mainly SQL ads. No wonder!

By the way the wiki code is excellent. What is it programmed in? PHP + Mysql?

In terms of user-friendliness, this wiki is the best I have seen so far. It is even more user-friendly than Wikipedia for it has the list of categories right on the start page, a road map (albeit incomplete), a list of pages, a link to create a page, trails, the same menu on the top and on the bottom of the page etc.

Me, myself and I

I am not a programmer but I love designing software. Original software. I am a sort of architect who tries to have software custom-made.

I have built so far a Translator and a hyper-link editor with all sorts of weird functions (in Tcl-TK).

I am mainly a linguist, compu-linguist and song-writer (I write only the music; I am not very good at writing lyrics).

I am currently writing a movie. My first movie ever. I tried to write movies from the age of 19 to 24 but I never succeeded. I had a writer's block. Now my block is gone, 30 years later! :-) and I love the experience! In fact the film writes itself...

I live in Montreal, Canada.

I maintain a wiki here: Anyone can come and share any kind of story with us... I write my personal stories there.

Here is my E-mail address:

C programmer needed

I am currently looking for a C programmer to comment a piece of code written in C. The previous programmer did an excellent job but he was very vague in his programming and he was not very generous in his commenting.

I can pay. Not a whole lot but still... No need to relocate. :-) I'll ask applicants to pass a little test.

Advice needed

I need some advice. I am looking for a simple program to create and manage a SQL database. Anyone has any advice on this?

I have been told repeatedly in the past that making many databases is a mistake when one (albeit huge!) SQL database can do the work. Is this still true? and Wikipedia

I find this wiki pretty user-friendly for it is well-structured and it has the categories and the road maps on the top menu.

Looking for a programmer

I have had a translation software written. It works A1 except it has terrible databases. I am currently working on the book. I'd like to present the software inside the book. I am looking for a Visual Foxpro programmer to set up a new database system. The program is written in C. I am ready to go 50-50 with the new programmer in regards to my copyright. Please post your answer here or write me an e-mail:

Would you be interested yourself, Steven?


-- Robert Abitbol
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