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Robert Scoble

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Robert Scoble - Long Horn Evangelist.

The story of the horns. While I was Christmas shopping last year (2003), I saw the horns and decided I had to get them for Robert. I held on to them until the MVP Summit in April. I emailed him before going and arranged a meeting with him on the last day of the Summit (Wednesday). But, Sunday evening, he was in the lobby of my hotel, so I gave them to him then. Good thing...everyone loved them as he wore them constantly during the event. -- Craig Berntson

A better pic: -- Alex Feldstein
Robert Scoble iswas a conference planner for VBITS (Visual Basic Insiders' Technical Summit and CNet 's Live!), founder of the NetMeeting Zone, author of the Scobleizer Blog and general netcam guru on ZDTV.

Interests, Hobbies: Computers, Net Meeting, Photography

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