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Rogers Innovation Adoption Curve

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This is a model taught widely in business schools representing patterns of consumer adoptio at each of the various stages during a product's life cycle.

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I believe these patterns of adoption exist with products like Visual Foxpro (or any other software product) and even as each upgrade is released. Of course, the people that participate in the betas, speak at conferences, and so forth are the innovators, which stay on the leading (bleeding) edge with the product. Others, like me, may tend to work about a version behind as we become more familiar with the new features, wait for the service pack, or whatever reason. In the past, I've had some of the "innovators" react with shock that people are using older versions when I would email them referring an old white paper they wrote. Looking at the model and the various percentages of adoption at the various stages, you can see that only a relative few will be actually using the product at the time these papers are written. -- Del Lee

Consultant Developers should also be aware of these patterns as they may explain why some of their customers still use Windows95 machines while the current technology is WindowsXP. Seeing these types of things will tell you something about the type of decision-maker they are dealing with.

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