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Rookie Mistakes

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Rookie Mistakes are those most people will make when faced with new development situations or new development environments. Rookie Mistake avoidance is extremely valueable.

On balance, Rookie Mistakes arise when new problems are attacked by seemingly intuitive ad-hoc solutions. See the Codification Cycle For Science And Engineering. Avoiding Rookie Mistakes is one of the first subjects of early debate, and notionally are the among first artifacts of community folklore.

Every development environment, every language, most design situations, every data model, and every framework, bar none, has its specific Rookie Mistakes, for example VFP Rookie Mistakes. If you don't know an environment's Rookie Mistakes, what does that say about knowledge of that environment?

Nobody knows what the Rookie Mistakes are until a sufficient number of people make them, recognize them, spot the pattern, and thereafter diffuse them successfully to others.

More generally, see Classic Mistakes EnumeratedOffsite link to that goes beyond just the development environment, and also Software Development Risk Factors for the next level of near-rookie mistakes.

See also VFP Rookie Mistakes
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