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Roxanne Seibert

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Roxanne M. Seibert
VFP Desktop MCP
Independent Consultant, President
RoxWorld Solutions, Inc.

253 Market Street
Highspire, PA 17034
voice: 717.985.9191

Roxanne Seibert is an independent consultant, MCP, and President of RoxWorld Solutions, Inc. She has nearly 15 years of experience with the evolved chain of FoxPro development tools in addition to nearly five years experience in website design and development. Rox lives in the Harrisburg, PA area with her husband, one kitty cat, and a tank full of fish… but not necessarily in that order.

Where's Rox these days? busy working, and in her spare time playing with her personal website at
Plus check out the oRox VFP Community site at FoxWorld for a slew of past DevCon pictures
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