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Running An Unregistered ActiveX

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I have an application running the Virtual Print Engine (VPE). a great product. I receintly turned up a bug with rendering arcs in dxf's. Vpe sent me a fix to a dll in windows which seems to work but only if I upgrade from ver 3.1 to 3.6-also ok. The problem: At the customer I have to get one of the mis people to come to the building and log on to each machine so I can run an new install to register the control---which means I have to wheedle and beg them to come and then listen to them bitch the entire time about how much trouble it is to do thier job.

Is there a way to get the ocx to run without registering it? I have tried putting the vpe.ocx and vpe.dll in my application directory, then in the machine \windows\system32 directorys. I still get an error OLE code 0x80040154- class not registered. I can get VFP6 to run great without an install- it errors when I try to load the form using the VPE ocx.

Any Ideas?

David Brandon
Brandon engineering

You can programmatically register an OCX using REGSVR32. For example:

run /n "regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\mycontrol.ocx"

Not if the machine is locked-down so that an administrator needs to log in to machine to install software.

Doug Hennig

I have had similar issues subsequent to a recent upgrade from NT4 (!) to XP Pro. The I.M. people implemented a stricter lock down policy which affected an application that uses the Date and Time picker from MSCOMCT2.OCX.

We are running the EXE from a server folder to avoid installation issues on various workstations, and it was fine until they tried it on a workstation that (for whatever reason) didn't have the OCX installed and registered.

What I didn't realize until later was that this (and other) OCX files have the "self-register" property (visible in the Version tab on the Properties dialog). I suspect under NT4 & less strict lockdown policies it was self-registering, which made it work fine. Under the stricter XP policies it doesn't, and (confirming what Doug says) on these systems we cannot register it with REGSVR32 either, leading me to believe that part of the lockdown mechanism includes limiting update permission on the registry.

So we are faced with the same problem, getting an administrator to attend at affected workstations to copy and register the OCX. I am not particularly enamoured of the situation, but I have not been able to come up with anything the preserves the look and feel of the DTP while avoiding the registration issue. Jeff Zanin

Usually, even a locked-down computer grants the installer the necessary priviledges to register ActiveX components if you use Windows Installer. -- ?wgcs

Not on any machine past Win98 that I can find. I finally gave up and just installed. David Brandon
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