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SAPBusiness Objects

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
SAP is the largest inter-enterprise software company and the third-largest software supplier, and the recognized leader in e-business solutions for all types of industries.

Taken from Introduction to SAP Business Objects at
SAP Business Objects are constructed as entities with multiple layers:
  • At the core of an SAP Business Object is the kernel, which represents the object's inherent data.
  • The second layer, the integrity layer, represents the business logic of the object. It comprises the business rules and constraints that apply to the Business Object.
  • The third layer, the interface layer, describes the implementation and structure of the SAP Business Object, and defines the object's interface to the outside world.
  • The fourth and outermost layer of a Business Object is the access layer, which defines the technologies that can be used to obtain external access to the object's data, for example COM/DCOM (Component Object Model/Distributed Component Object Model).

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