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Hi I guess I can put queries here.
1) I tried installing SAPdb; Database Manager, SQL Studio and ODBC. All three installations gave me the message on my W2K machine that ISScrip.Msi not accessible due to the folder not being in my access (I am logged in as an administrator what more rights do I need). If I cancel this message the installation does proceed.

2) How do I create the initial database? I got lost in the Database Manager and SQL Studio.
I'm just looking at the documentation at this point myself, so it would probably be better to place them at:
SAP DB is an Open Source, SQL-based, relational database system that provides high availability and performance scaling from small to very large implementations.
In addition, SAP DB goes beyond relational database technology by offering object orientation as well as support for managing unstructured data. It supports open standards including SQL, JDBC and ODBC; access from Perl and Python; and HTTP-based services with HTML or XML content. SAP DB is platform independent, so users can deploy it for a wide array of projects.
Since 1994, the SAP e-Business Solution is available on SAP DB technology. Today SAP DB is being used by more than 1000 customers.
On October 5, 2000, at Linux World SAP DB was announced to be made available as Open Source software using the GNU General Public License for the database kernel and the GNU Lesser General Public License for clients and programming interfaces.
The advantages as I see it to SAPDB vs. MySQL and Postgresql is that it was formerly a full fledged commercial product with a long legacy, as well as a proven commercial record. Further it continues to be developed in-house by SAP and the developer community. And its free.
Michael Chean
Do you think we'll be able to charge the same sort of fees as SAP if we use it? ;-)
That would be nice! But the same doesn't hold true for Oracle so I doubt it!
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