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SQL 7 SProc Debugging

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According to the Visual Studio documentation you are able to debug SQL Server stored procedures (sprocs) in several of the IDEs in VS6.0. I have been trying to acomplish this in VB. I am able to create a data envoronment with a connection. Then, I am able to view the sprocs in the database... however, when I right click on it I don't have the debug option. I followed all the directions but they all say 6.5 or higher. Does 7.0 support spoc debugging? ... if so, does anyone have any documents which tell you how to set it up?

Thanks -- Bob Archer
I haven't run it myself, but this is what I understand about it.

It only lets you run a whole batch at a time (i.e., between "GO" statements). You do have a watch window, immediate window, but I understand that it is very difficult to get working properly. For example, it seems to require that you do not use a system account to get the MSSQLservice running. If you do use that, the debugger terminates with errors that do not seem to relate to an authorization issue.

Probably best to wait until SQL 2000's release. They will have a source-level T-SQL debugger in there (however, it doesn't seem available in the beta 2 release). -- Chuck Urwiler
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