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SQL Server 7 Simple Install

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Question: I have all of MSDN Universal. What's the best straight-line way to install a SQL Server 7 database on my network server. I just want SQL Server 7, and nothing from the rest of back-office. What's confusing me, I guess, is the plethora of back-office install options. How do I say, buddy, just SQL? Is it not bundled sepeartely and cleanly somewhere? -- Mathias Olson

The SQL Server Enterprise installation is on disk 12 of the Backoffice Test Platform. The standard version is on disk 20.

To obtain a list of what's on the CD's go to the following site:

You can determine what's on each CD by using the search engine. -- Val Matison

See SQL Server 7 Desktop Version and SQL Server 7 Enterprise Version
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