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SQL Server Profiler

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When working with SQL Server through a client application, it's often extremely helpful to see the client application as it appears from SQL Server.

When working with SQL Server through an ADO Recordset, an ADO.NET dataset, or a Visual FoxPro remote cursor, the instructions that are actually being received by the server can sometimes be very different from what we think is being sent.

The SQL Server Profiler can often help debug an application by understanding what our tools are actually sending to the server.

For instance, when attempting to understand what SQL Server is receiving in response to an action in a Visual FoxPro client application, start a trace in SQL Server Profiler, trapping the following events for the indicated client-side actions:
If usingTrap with event
Parameterized viewsRPC:Starting
Non-parameterized viewsSQL:Batch Starting
SQL Pass-throughSQL:Batch Starting

Contributors: Steve Sawyer

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