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SQL dict

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
SQLdict is a VFP application (developed using VFP 8.0) that has the intention to help the client/server developer to access a number of different relational databases (SQL Server, Oracle, Informix, Visual FoxPro etc) using a common interface, to list tables, their attributes, browse them, execute any SQL command available to the selected backend (Create, Delete, Update, Select etc), export table attributes, copy content of resulting Selectís record sets to many diferent file types (Excel, VFP Dbf, CSV, SDF etc).

SQLdict is no longer supported, in its place was developed Pocket Fox (2012), that has all the features of SQLdict and VFPscript as many others. You can know more about it here: PocketFox

Originator: Fernando Alvares (november 11, 2012)
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