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SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer, a technology used to to allow eCommerce sites to support secured or encrypted transactions and credit card processing. In order to do this on a website, you need to purchase an SSLCerti Ficate.

Two players in the SSLCerti Ficate market are Thawte SSLCertificates and Verisign SSLCertificates.

Similar to domain names, a SSL Certificate renews every x number of years so it represents an ongoing investment in maintaining a site.

When an SSLCerti Ficate is in use on a site, URL addresses are prefixed with https: instead of http:
An SSLCertificate is tied to a specific domain name, does anybody happen to know if they are also tied to a specific IP Address? IOW can I bounce my domain name around amongst servers and still take the SSLCerti Ficate along for the ride? TIA! -- Rox
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