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Hi Folks,

As of September 2004, the Sydney VFP User Group will be doing a live webcast of their monthly meetings.

See Andrew Coates' blog for a discussion of the process, and keep an eye on the User Group web site for details of future meetings.

A recording of the event is available online at

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Choose between the pure Windows Media format (audio only) and the Microsoft Office Live Meeting Replay (which allows you to actually see what was on the screen as well as move forward and back in the presentation based on the slides)

29 September 2004

ID: msft092904ac
Password: KJS89Q

In this recording, PaulHemans discusses the use of XML Data Islands, including demonstrating a fantastic VFP Data Server across the internet! CraigFranklin talks about the DateTimePicker ActiveX control, and CastroShehata talks about Member Data in VFP 9.0.

This was our first attempt at a webcast, and we plan to continue this approach for the forseeable future.

Contributors: Andrew Coates
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