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Safe Error Handling

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An integrated system for making code more reliable, easier to maintain, and more maintainable. This method is described in:
Visual Basic 6: Error Coding and Layering by Tyson Gill, ISBN 0130172278

From the preface:
"Understand the 'smart coding triangle' and how to create safe coding frameworks that lead to error-resistant code. Discover new ways to anticipate and prevent errors; then master over 20 valuable error-coding techniques. Architect your software to avoid key causes of failure and learn layered techniques that simplify debugging and maintenance."

This is the first book I've found with a system for error handling that works. Although the book discusses much more than this, I've been working primarily with his Safe Procedures methods - a way to make routines that are clear, consistant, robust, robust, and flexible.

Tom Larkin
Another great approach to error handling in VFP specifically can be found at
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