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Scope Clauses

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Scope Clauses

Specifies a range of records to include in the actions of a command. Only the records that fall within the range are included.

The scope clauses are: ALL, NEXT nRecords, RECORD nRecordNumber, and REST. Be aware that NEXT starts on the current record.

Pertains to the commands REPLACE, SCAN, REPORT FORM, AVERAGE, COPY TO, DELETE etc.

A Scope clause can be combined with a For Clause and a WhileClause. For instance it is possible to REPLACE ALL FOR < condition >. This is possible, although it is nonsensical since you are saying all records at the same time as specifying a limit that contradicts ALL.

Reference the VFP Help file topic Scope Clauses
As opposed to Object Scope, Code Scoping, Scope Clauses for data traversals, and the Variable Scope for scoping of Public And Private Variables.

Category VFP Commands
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