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Screen Recorders

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Screen Recorders record screen activity over time. It is like the movie version of Print Screens. You can add a soundtrack also.
Great for training videos.
Screen recorder for Mac OS X Tiger. Captures to a quicktime movie.

Using Display Eater you can stop and start recording without having to render inbetween shoots. This means that you can effectively reduce the amount of time you work to the time you capture. When you are done capturing your footage, you can tell Display Eater to render, and come back after some time to see all of your movies rendered.

You can even substitute custom cursors, export your resulting movie to several formats for flexible customization.


Free. Windows and Linux flavours. Generates swf's or exe's. Also a screen capture utility. Can anntonate the captured image/frame for user interaction.


Bhavbhuti Nathwani
Lotus Screen Cam -
Very small files.

The player doesn't have a reverse.
You can't resize the player.

The recorder taps into the windows video driver. The player uses the fonts on the player's machine. This explains the small file size.


Example movie:
makes AVI files

Example movie: (15 meg - smaller example comming soon.)
Camtasia Studio
$300 (or $125 if you you are a VFP Video Content Author at )
Camtasia Studio is also released full featured in a 30 day evaluation license - go kick the tires.
output: Both AVI and EXE, with a small webcam headshot in a corner, if ya want it.

It will produce a movie that can be played with the Windows Media Player, using a special CODEC created for ‘Screenshot-movies’, or you can use their player.

Example: (sorry, 404.)

There you can find a link for the CODEC there too, so that you can download it.
Sound can be stripped out and added in later in post-production setting.

It includes a full featured avi editor.

Very nice. I just created a 15min demo of my software. It required some editing, which was a breeze. - CFK - Vnc2swf is a screen recording tool for X-Window (X11), Windows and Mac OS Desktop. Vnc2swf captures the live motion of a screen through VNC protocol and converts it a Macromedia Flash(TM) movie (.swf). - Free Online Screen Recorder - simple screen recording tool, which also allows to take screenshots and annotate them. Free.

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