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Scroll Bars

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Specifies the type of scroll bars an edit box, form, or grid has.

There are two problems with the vertical scroll bar on a form. (The figures I use are for a 1024 x 768 screen resolution.)
i) it isn't shown if the form height is 1536 or above (not likely to be a problem for most people)
ii) regardless of the form height you can only scroll the top 1536 pixels of the form - a problem if you are displaying a zoomed image which you wish to scroll around.

PUBLIC oform1

oForm1.Height = 1536

DEFINE CLASS form1 AS form

	Top = 0
	Left = 0
	Height = 1536
	Width = 375
	ScrollBars = 3
	DoCreate = .T.
	Caption = "Form1"
	MaxHeight = 3000
	Name = "Form1"

	ADD OBJECT container1 AS container WITH ;
		Height = 2245, ;
		Name = "Container1"


-- Rhodri C Evans

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