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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Sedona is the codename for the version of Visual FoxPro after version 6.0.


The following were shown at DevCon 10 and will likely be in the next version of Visual FoxPro.

Editor Enhancements
    Bookmarks - Mark a line of code in the editor and return to the spot later.
    Breakpoints - A new region on the left side of the editor window allows the setting of breakpoints by clicking in the region
    Ctrl-f3 - Allows you to select text and look for the next occurrence.
    White-space - An option to show white-space in the editor.
    Insert Tabs / Spaces - An option to insert spaces rather than a tab when the tab key is pressed.
    Hyperlinks in Comments - Hyperlinks embedded in comments are active.
    Dirty File Indicator - When a file being edited contains un-saved changes there is an dirty file indicator in the title bar.
    Case Conversion - An option to convert between upper and lower case.
    Parameter Matching - The ability to select the text between matching parameters was demonstrated.
    Command Expansion - The ability to define commands that are automattically expanded into code blocks was demonstrated.  A "dc" was enter and was expanded into a full class definition shell. This feature is table driven and allows the expansion to controlled by Visual FoxPro code.

     The Procedure / Function list is now called DocView and the window is modeless allowing continuous navigation among procedures.

Class / Form Designer
   Ctrl-click and Ctrl-shift-click - Can be used to easily drill down the containership hierarchy.

Property Sheet
    The Property sheet is dockable
    Properties of activeX controls are displayed in a different color.

Data Session
    The data session window is dockable

All dockable windows
    Linked docking behavior similar to the Visual Studio developement environment was demonstrated along with the overlaying of docked windows ( adding a new tab).  These can be saved as layout just like in Visual Studio.

    Support for Intelli-sense was demonstrated.  This included demonstrating drilling down through the containership hierarchy into the properties of an activeX control.  A point was made that in Visual FoxPro, Intelli-sense works not only at design-time but at run-time as well.  Drilling into the object model of Excel was demonstrated starting with an object reference to Excel.

This is an UNBELIEVABLY cool feature.... Thanks Calvin Hsia!!

JohnHosier was elated with the ability to turn it off!

    A timeout has been added to the Messagebox command.

    A "recently used list of tables" shows up as some sort of Tooltip-listbox (as in IE5), if you type "USE " in the editor.

The toolbars are now in the more fancy Coolbar style, also the menu was a toolbar (as in Word etc).

    On several occasions a Visual FoxPro Ole-db provider was mentioned as a strong possibility.

    Better ADO Integration
    Better XML Integration

Still no mention of an object oriented ReportDesigner or Menu Designer

    Full integration with Visual Studio

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