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Searching External Documents

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Code References doesn't just search VFP files. You can also use it to seach Word documents, text files and other "external" file types. This is useful if your project includes specification documents, memos, to-do lists, etc.

Just add the relevant documents to your project manager (in the Other Files node in the Other page). When you launch Code References, specify the appropriate file types (or simply type *.*) in the Search dialogue. Then run the search as usual.

Not only will the documents show up in the results pane, but you can double-click on them to open them in the parent application.

(Thanks to Richard Langford for pointing this out to me.)

Mike Lewis

Note added 2006.02.16.
You can also use Code Reference's Replace feature to change the text in a text file. But don't try to do that in a Word document as it will probably damage the file. ML.

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