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This is an article that appeared in the April 2001 issue of the newsletter for our local users group (The FoxPro Developers Network of San Diego - At the suggestion of Lauren Clarke, I'm posting here in case anyone finds it useful. - Barbara Peisch

MS SUPPORT VIA GOOGLE by Thad V'Soske and Dan Covill has practically everything you ever wanted to
know. The catch is finding it. Well, a couple of sources have
given us a better answer - use Google!

If you're not already using it, Google is a search
engine - the best I've found. Here's how to access Microsoft with it:

From Thad V'Soske
1. Go to (where else?!).
2. At the entry prompt type your search words followed by
examples: "tweakui"
"component object"

To zero-in on knowledge base articles try adding "support/kb" as
in these examples:
"visual studio 6.0 service pack 4 support/kb"
"foxpro dbc support/kb"

There are two secrets here. One, Google is a whole lot faster and
more accurate than the MS engine (and its page loads faster, too).
Two, using MS-specific keywords works really, really well.

MS has a list of specific keywords in their documents that identify
the product, subject, etc. Some of them aren't that obvious -
"vstudio" for Visual Studio for example. There's a complete list
in document Q242450 Offsite link to;EN-US;Q242450. And the fastest way to get is in Google.
search for "Q242450 kb"

The 'kb' stands for Knowledge Base, and pretty much restricts the
Google search to the MSKB. It's really fast!

A variation from the LangaList (
I believe I have found an even better way to search the MS KB.
Go to
. Type search words in plain English in the "all of the words"
box and then:
. Select "100 results" from the drop down menu
. Enter the site/domain "".
. Click on "Google Search."

Thad V'Soske
Dan Covill

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