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Security Requirements

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Security requirements specify system resilience against threats to confidentiality, integrity and availability.

For example:
  • Read/write access limitations
  • Back-up operations
  • Authentication
  • Defense against malicious attack (like viruses or hackers)
  • Identify roles of administrator, groups, guests, and clients How do "roles" differ from "groups"? The statement above seems to put "groups" on the same level as "administrator", "guests" and "clients", which 3 things I think would be able to be described as "roles" or "groups" interchangeably...
  • Identify impact on existing environment
  • Establish fault tolerance
  • Plan for maintainability
  • Plan distribution of security database
  • Establish security context
  • Plan for auditing
  • Identify level of security needed
  • Analyze existing mechanisms for security policies
  • Plan for offsite data archives
  • Business Resumption Plan (BRP) (in case of disaster, natural or otherwise)
  • Support from Management on the whole plan.
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