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The recently-announced Sedna project (due for release in early 2007 as some kind of add-on for Visual FoxPro 9.0) now has its own category in the VFP forum on the Universal Thread. Microsoft Product Manager Ken Levy has asked those with suggestions for inclusion in Sedna to submit posts there, where they can be viewed by members of the VFP Team at Microsoft and discussed by the community and Team.

For a point of reference, you might want to read the VFP Roadmap and Ken's June newsletter and also catch up on some of the recent discussion on the UT. Starting today, the Sedna category of the UT is up and running, and you can get a free UT account for reading and posting.

Note: You can also post Sedna suggestions here if you're loath to use the UT. -- Steven Black

Right. I made the above post on my blog and referred people to the UT, simply because that's where I live a lot of the day and Ken had posted a message on the UT directing people to the new Sedna section. My blog post was then posted here in this topic by someone else who listed my name as contributor (I don't know who). Anyway, now that I look at it, it seems out of place to say here on the wiki that people should go post on the UT. :-) The wiki should be considered just as valid a place to post suggestions. -- David Stevenson

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