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Sending Syncing Outlook Calendar Data

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Exporting data to outlook, then updating....

Hi Everyone,

I have a calendaring system developed in Visual FoxPro that I would like to use to send calendar information (appointments etc...) to Outlook, and then be able to either "delete and replace" or "update in place" later on.

I have many examples of how to send data to Outlook, but haven't come across any that describe how to "synchronize" those items in outlook if they've changed in my VFP application (this only needs to be a one-way sync, once the data is in Outlook, it should be read-only). Is there an easy way to find the items that I've sent to Outlook, so I can update them as needed? The main reason for Outlook is to use it as a vehicle to get my calendar data into the PDA's of our users.

Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks. - William Fields

Sure. Use Automation to post the calendar items to Outlook and note (and store in your VFP tables) the unique ID Outlook assigns to each item. Alternatively, if you *know* the item will have a unique name or some other characteristic, you can use Outlooks search and filtering mechanisms to locate the one you want. Finally, if neither of those work for you, consider a custom form for your appointments with your own user-defined and hidden variables - I've used this to store a PK from a VFP table for quicker synchronization. For a start with Outlook Automation, check out:

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