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Sergey Berezniker

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Retired as of January 1st 2019.

Sergey works primarily with MS SQL Server and server-side Java

Website with some VFP code samples and other stuff and Blog feed .

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Visual FoxPro 2001-2010.

2013 FoxPro Community Lifetime Achievement Award recipient

He'll never admit it, but other Universal Thread users believe he knows everything.

Sergey's like the Amazing Kreskin - only better. I've had him answer questions on the UT while I was in the process of composing them. I strongly suspect that the original Sergey has been cloned and there's a room somewhere beneath Microsoft with 1000 Sergeys sitting at terminals answering VFP questions. (From a big fan in NJ)

Sort of, like a protective and helpful Uncle. You come to rely on him. There are times on UT when I have looked at a thread because Sergey had a message in it and I clicked on it to see his answer. Regards and Well Wishes Bhavbhuti Nathwani

I think he is not just a good programmer, he is a machine!

Do you think that he will ever make sergey.chm available ?

Has anyone added the Sergey() function to the VFP 9 (Europa) wish list? I'd prefer a Sergey CLASS. Esparta Palma

He is the walking encyclopedia of VFP and SOL. Sergey the Man! - Redge Blanco

Sergey is THE VFP GURU! - Tracy Holzer

Don't you know? His real name is Sergeycyclopedia Bereznifox - Jaime B Pinto

And he's sensible and kind about the way that he delivers his answers.
Yes, I will second that Bhavbhuti Nathwani

As a notorious curmudgeon who can always find fault, I'd have to say that Sergey Berezniker is undoubtedly the most impressive online presence I've ever encountered. Where others convert gossip and trivial anecdote into gospel and defend it fiercely, Mr. Berezniker provides hard facts and is equipped to argue his point with more facts. On the rare occasion where he is wrong, he says so and continues to engage so that everybody benefits. Anybody who wants to be an online "expert" would do well to model themselves on this man.

Perhaps this is a little exaggerated, but not by much. I worked at MS in VFP and there were gurus there I would ask for help from and I think Sergey could be their VFP Guru. From Anonymous

In fact, I'm sure he's not from Earth.

Expertise, great knowledge and wisdom are not the most quality on Sergey.. I'd like to detach here the Charity to help others.. Sergey you really give a meaning for each letters of MVP. Claudio Rola

I think "sergey" & "berezniker" should be VFP reserved words. Cannot be used any-old-how!

Sergey is in that class of VFP gurus who are themselves like a VFP-equivalent to The Stig on Top Gear . Russell Campbell

Varchar, SET ANSI, and the UT by Doug Hennig

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