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Server Type Choosing

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
There are three types of Com Component servers.

Here are the pros and cons. Can anyone help in filling these in?

In - Process Component

- same memory space
- calls to the methods are faster. This is only significant if you are making more than hundreds of calls to the server.
- serious errors in the .dll will take the client down since the client and COM server share the same process address space.
- cannot be deployed remotely.

Out - Of - Process Component

- seperate memory space
- an error in the server will not terminate the client.
- can be deployed remotely.

- calls to the methods are slower. Processer context switching causes slowdown.

Multi Threaded
Multi threaded components are always out of process components (dll's)

- Handle multiple requests better
- Scale better.

- Need more code to handle potential resource conflicts within methods.
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