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Set MacDesktop

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

In VFP, there are two desktop settings. (1) "Classical" style, with everything inside the VFP shell and (2) Top level forms that are independent of VFP.

The Macintosh provided a third mechanism. Think, for a moment, of having several Windows applications open, say Word, Excel and VFP. Each program manages their own menu system (ignore OLE and Active Docs for the moment). 3 programs, 3 menu systems.

On the Macintosh, all applications share the menu at the top of the monitor. You may have 3 applications running but only one menu to choose from (I assume this is similar to PUSH MENU / POP MENU).

Setting MACDESKTOP to OFF created a "classical" style, everything was within the main Foxpro window while setting it to "ON" allowed windows to float around outside of VFP. It was common on the Macintosh to hide the main window off the screen.

Note that the MacDesktop property appears on the property sheet for forms.

Lisa Slater Nicholls found a trick for VFP 5.0 and later: MODIFY COMMAND myprog IN MACDESKTOP . This puts the Modi Comm window on the Windows desktop, independent of the VFP desktop.

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