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Set XCMDFile To

Namespace: WIN_COM_API

This command was definitely added to 2.6 because this was a FoxPro/Mac compatibility command.

Oddly enough, this command has been totally downplayed ever since. Granted XCMD files are I think somewhat equivalent to .BIN files or perhaps .DLL files and would never run under Windows, the equivalent Set Function doesn't work anymore!

However, the command does work, in the sense that it doesn't generate an error. You can set it to any file on disk. Or for that matter, it doesn't need to be an actual file (which is "wrong").

Now for a real goof, note that the VFP 6.0 foundation classes test for SET XCMDFILE! Really! Take a look at the Set method in the _Set class in the _environ class library.

See also: Function Set XCMDFile
Contributors: Bill Anderson
Category Undocumented VFP Functions
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