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Namespace: WIN_COM_API
Hello everyone:
I found the following information on the Microsoft website:

a) How to Obtain Microsoft Support Files from Online services (Q119591);en-us;Q119591

b) Patch: Setupwiz.exe Updated VFP for Windows 3.0b Setup Wizard (Q103323);en-us;Q103323

Final Note of this patch:
"Windows NT and Windows 95 support long file names. So, if the application directory has any long file or path names, a dialog box is displayed notifying you that no Win32s files will be included (even if the Win32s Required System Files check box is selected in Step 2.) This also means that you will be unable to do an installation with these setups disks on the Win32s platform. In addition, if you have specified a long path name for the Default Destination Directory in Step 5, you will not be able to install the setup disks on a Win32s computer. Microsoft appreciates your continued support of Visual FoxPro and is always committed to making Visual FoxPro better".

After following the instructions included in the readme.txt file, the following error is displayed:

"FoxPro Wizards" - "Object file c:\program files\microsoft visual studio\
vfp98\wizards\ was compiled in a different version of FoxPro." "Program: wbcall"
"Line: (0) DO (THIS.wbcName) WITH &cParmstring"
Keys avail: , ,

I would like to receive feedback and help regarding this bug for VFP6 Setup Wizard. Of course, I know, I need the corresponding version for VFP6 (SP5). I am using Win98/Win2000.

Many thanks.
Your prompt response will be appreciated.
VFP6 - SP5 on WIN98.
This patch is not needed for VFP6; and the note regarding long file names and Win32s is now irrelevant: VFP5,6,7 don't run on Win32s (which is the 32bit thunking code for Win3.1). It looks like you installed the VFPv3 file into VFP6. Just put back the VFP6 version of (reinstall VFP) - wgcs
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