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Shared Web Hosting

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Typically refers to an ISP-based WebHosting service where your website resides on the same server has a whole bunch of other sites.

This type of WebHosting service is inexpensive compared to Dedicated Web Hosting service, less reliable, more restricted as to what you can load on the server, and will usually suffice for informational websites that promote a business or product.

This is the type of WebHosting service you get for free with OnlineServiceProviders that offer internet access, email, and personal web space for a monthly fee. Free Shared Web Hosting tends to really suck for anything more than a personal website.

This type of WebHosting service will not cut it for your typical eCommerce site. (See also eCommerceConsiderations)
List ISP's here that offer Shared Web Hosting service that you might want to avoid:
  • GeoCities... unless you dont mind annoying pop ups
  • AT&T... it's all UNIX (ick)
  • they have no clue what they are selling you
  • good reliable service, great features, lots of headaches
  • Debian GNU/Linux based servers with custom made hosting system running on, providing php, perl, python, mysql, webmail, smtp, ftp, front page, web control panel

    For recommended ISP's doing Shared Web Hosting, please see: Web Hosts
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