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Short Haired Visual Foxpro Programmers Club

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
For those of us who look really ridiculous with long hair, say it loud; say it proud. Declare your short-hairedness for all the world.

Craig Berntson - Wondering if Ken really belongs here.
Ken Levy - Is that better, Anthony?
Anthony Testi - How come I was put first, my hair is not that short!?
David Frankenbach - How about a Red-Haired Programmers Club? A Bearded Programmers Club? and what about a shorthair-and-bearded programmer's club? (Boudewijn Lutgerink)
Erik Moore
Evan Delay
John Koziol - I'm bearded now...partly to the Long Hair club.
John Petersen
Juergen Wondzinski
Michael GEmmons
Nancy Folsom - It's not that short! And DF has *long* hair. not anymore I got tired of it getting caught under the shoulder strap of my DevCon bag *g*
Peter Somers
Randy Pearson
Rick Hodder
Steven Black
Tom Piper - Should we also have a Barefoot Visual Foxpro Programmers Club?
William OConnor - Not follically challenged, my hair's too curly for it to get long gracefully
Chad Bourque
Ceil Silver - I don't know... maybe I belong in the LongerThanShortButShorterThanLongHairClub
Barry Fox
Peter Herzog what about a IAmLosingMyHairEveryDayBecauseOfWorkingWithoutVFPClub (currently I finished a project where MS-SQL is involved )
Lucien TElliott - Bearded by Winter & Clean by Summer (member of both?)
Dan LeClair
Larry Miller - I keep it short because I don't want to be a member of the DivorcedVisualFoxProProgrammersClub.
Rick Schummer (because taking care of long hair is a time consuming hassle)
Art Bergquist (I second Rick's motion)
Laurent Dujat: Former member of the Long Haired DBaseII Programmers Club.
Gordon King: Also with Laurent - Cool man.
Peter Crabtree
Randy Jean

Members without a choice in the matter:
Jim BoothOffsite link to
Michael Levy

Members about to lose a choice in the matter:
JosÚ Constant

Members with less and less choice over the years
Al Allison
Lauren Clarke

If you are balding on the back of your head, it means you're sexy. If you're balding in front, it means you think a lot. If you are balding in both front and back, it means you just think you're sexy. -- Randy Jean
See also Unruly Haired Visual Programmers Club
I just wonder what would happen if I shave my head. It is still a choice is it? And I could wear a wig if I want to join the "RealLongHairedVisualFoxProProgrammersClub". All I have to figure out what to do with the beard -- Boudewijn Lutgerink

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