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Simply Accounting From VFP

Namespace: WIN_COM_API
I've inherited a VFP application that was working with Sage Simply Accounting. It's calling functions in the SDK dlls. The upgrade to SA 2007 has broken the VFP app.

Anyone have similar VFP code that they've fixed and would be willing to share a sample call to wSDBSelectRecords?

Thanks! -- Mike Yearwood
Hi Mike, It's interesting that
... returns no documents. Are you sure about that object or method name? -- Steven Black.

Hi Steven

Yep! I'm sure. Several of their other SDK functions don't produce any hits either. A search for my entire name doesn't return any hits. Yet I exist. You may not ask. :) -- Mike Yearwood

I'm not getting far with Sage so far, but I have made some progress using ODBC and SQLEXEC. Thank's to Doug Hennig for the suggestion. -- Mike Yearwood
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